1980 - 1989


VOLUME 82, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1980)

Toward a New Birth of Freedom, by Stephen B. Oates 287

The Confederacy's Greatest Star, by Terry Theodore 296

Lincoln's Stepbrother: John D. Johnston, by Marilyn G. Ames 302

The Aldriches of Spotsylvania, by Robert Krick 311

The First Union Shot at Gettysburg, by James L. McLean, Jr. 318

One Who Didn't Come Back, by James T. Huffstodt 324

The Incidents of the Grand Review at Washington, by Professor John Howard Wert, edited by Craig Caba 337

General Birney's "Extra Star," by Gayle Howard Wilson 341

The Incident, Original Artwork by Bud Miller 342


VOLUME 82, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1980)

Editorial: Commemorating a Living Lincoln 362

Don Carlos Buell and the Union Leadership, by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr. 362

The Forgotten Cavalier: General William Wells, by Edmund J. Raus 375

The Antietam Battlefield Board and its Atlas, by David A. Lilley 380

Letters of a Minnesota Volunteer, Part I, edited by Leon Basile 387

Lightning in the Evening Sky, by James T. Huffstodt 393

The Phantom of Ball's Bluff, by Byron Farwell 402

"Artillery Hell", by Terrence J. Winschel 404


VOLUME 82, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1980)

New England Remembers Mr. Lincoln, by Robert and Sylvia Larson 422

Letters of a Minnesota Volunteers, Part II, by Leon Basile 438

Philadelphia's Catholic Herald Evaluates President Lincoln, by Joseph George, Jr. 447

John Wilkes Booth in American Fiction, by Constance Head 454

Lincoln's Tavern License, by Wayne C. Temple 463

"Unfit for Consul?" The English Consulates and Lincoln's Patronage Policy, by Neill F. Sanders 464

The Lincoln Corpus Caper, by Earl C. Kubicek 474


VOLUME 82, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1980)

The War Department and Booth's Abduction Plot, by William Hanchett 499

Edwin Stanton in the Wake of the Lincoln Assassination, by Beverly Bone 508

Lincoln Assassination: The "Forgotten" Investigation, A. C. Richards, by Gary R. Planck 521

Insights on John Wilkes Booth From His Sister Asia's Correspondence, by Constance Head 540


VOLUME 83, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1981)

Carl Schurz Reconsidered, by Hans L. Trefousse 563

"Soiled Dresses are Better Than Soiled Modesty," Decency in Columbus, Georgia, by Leon Basile 574

"When A House Is On Fire": The English Consulates and Lincoln's Patronage Policy, by Neill F. Sanders 579

Lincoln As Soldier of the Union: A Reappraisal, by Marvin R. Cain 592

The Intimate Lincoln, by Joseph E. Suppiger 604

The British Mr. Lincoln, by Harold Holzer 614


VOLUME 83, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1981)

A Knight and His Scoundrels: Rob Wheat and the Louisiana Tigers, by Jerry Maxwell 631

Lincoln's Joint Resolutions, by Wayne C. Temple 641

First at Vicksburg, by Terence J. Winschel 645

Lew Wallace and Gideon Pillow: Enigmas and Variations on an American Military Theme, by Benjamin Franklin Cooling 651

The Dahlgren Papers Reconsidered, by David F. Riggs 658

The Intimate Lincoln Part II, by Joseph E. Suppiger 668


VOLUME 83, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1981)

Lincoln as Literary Artist, by Emily Angle Baer 695

U. S. Grant in Military service for the State of Illinois, by Wayne C. Temple 705

The Case of the Mad Hatter, by Earl C. Kubicek 708

The Military Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators, By Edward Steers, Jr. 719

Incident of Destiny, by Wilson Crady 730

History of a Lincoln Bed, by Lloyd Ostendorf 733

The Intimate Lincoln, Part III, by Joseph E. Suppiger 737


VOLUME 83, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1981)

The Booth Sisters of Bel Air, by Constance Head 759

The Gettysburg Address, by Robert L. Bloom 765

The Intimate Lincoln, Part IV, by Joseph E. Suppiger 774

The Case That Made Lincoln, by Willard L. King 786

Lincoln's Views on Slavery, by John W. Beveridge 791

A Real Look at the Real Lincoln, by Kenneth P. Cash 801

Lincoln's Death as Seen in Verse, by Bernard F. Engel 804


VOLUME 84, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1982)

Til Death Do Us Part, by Florence Gallardo 3

Lincoln and Compensated Emancipation in Kentucky, by Lowell H. Harrison 11

The Canadian Maritime Provinces and the War Between the States, by Laurie C.C. Stanley 17

The Intimate Lincoln, Part V, by Joseph Suppiger 26

Anticipating the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records, by David A. Lilley 37


VOLUME 84, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1982)

The Canadian Maritime Provinces and the War Between the States, Part II, by Laurie C.C. Stanley 59

River of Death, by Jim Hoffstodt 70

Lincoln's "White Elephants": The Trent Affair, by Stuart Leibiger 84

The Commander-in-Chief and Military Operations in Tennessee, by James Lee McDonough 93

Tender Loving Care, by Westmore Peyton 106

The Intimate Lincoln, Part VI, by Joseph E. Suppiger 114


VOLUME 84, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1982)

The Audience for the Gettysburg Address, by Howard C. Westwood 136

President Lincoln as the Great White Father, Jeffrey S. King 141

Pioneer, Soldier and Statesman: The Story of Edmund Gibson Ross, by Earl C. Kubicek 147

The Intimate Lincoln, Part VII, by Joseph E. Suppiger 155

Lincoln's Religion and the Denominations, by Charles L. Woodall 168

"Laughing at the Screaming Bullets, by Edward G. Longacre 173

Alexander Asboth: One of Lincoln's Hungarian Heroes? by Earl J. Hess 181


VOLUME 84, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1982)

Lincoln in the Governor's Chambers of the Illinois State House, by Wayne C. Temple 201

President Lincoln and the Press: An Important Chapter in the History of Presidential Press Relations, by Maurine Pacenta Taylor 205

The Flight of John Wilkes Booth and the Corpse Brought From Garrett's Farm, by Mark L. Siegel 210

The Riddle of William Clark, by W. Emerson Reck 218

The Intimate Lincoln Part VIII, by Joseph E. Suppiger 222

A Letter on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, April 16, 1865, edited by Frederick C. Drake 237

With Lincoln on his Last Journey, edited by Edward G. Longacre 239


VOLUME 85, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1983)

Lincoln and Political Decision-Making, by David Hein 3

The Intimate Lincoln, Part IX, by Joseph E. Suppiger 7

Abraham Lincoln: Western Star Over Connecticut, Part I, by Nelson R. Burr 21

The Lincoln Sculptures of William Zorach, by John David Smith 37

The Puzzle of the First Southern Printing of the Emancipation Proclamation, by James Gilreath 39


VOLUME 85, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1983)

We Have Seen the Elephant: The 48th Ohio at Shiloh, by Terrence J. Winschel 55

The English Consulates and Lincoln's Patronage Policy, by Neill F. Sanders 61

The Intimate Lincoln, Part X, by Joseph E. Suppiger 80

The Hardtack Regiment Meets Abraham Lincoln, by Mark H. Dunkleman and Michael J. Winey 95

Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, by Lowell Reidenbaugh 100

The Winter Guns of Olustee, by Allen A. Witt 109


VOLUME 85, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1983)

The United States General Hospital at Cleveland, Ohio, 1862-1865. by William C. Stark 122

Abraham Lincoln, Western Star over Connecticut, Part II, by Nelson R. Burr 133

The Intimate Lincoln, Part IX, by Joseph E. Suppiger 152

Lincoln's Delivery, by Waldon W. Braden 167

The Lincoln Image - Then and Now, by Robert L. Bloom 177

Abraham Lincoln's faith, by Earl C. Kubicek 188

The Gentle Lincoln Art, by Sharon Walker 195


VOLUME 85, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1983)

The Calvinistic Tenor of Abraham Lincoln's Religious Thought, by David Hein 212

Abraham Lincoln: Western Star Over Connecticut, Part III, by Nelson R. Burr 221

The Intimate Lincoln, Part XII, by Joseph E. Suppiger 242

John Wilkes Booth, 1864: Prologue to Assassination, by Constance Head 254

The Accident-Prone John Wilkes Booth, by Arthur F. Loux 263

H. B. Ste. Marie and His Role In the Arrest of John H. Surratt, by Joseph George, Jr. 269

The Significance of Lewis Saum's Work on Ante-Bellum Culture: A Review Article, by David Hein 280

The Print From Littlefield's "Cartoon.", by Harold Holzer 282


VOLUME 86, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1984)

Research on Lincoln's Religious Beliefs and Practices: A Bibliographical Essay, by David Hein 2

Abraham Lincoln: Western Star Over Connecticut, Part IV, by Nelson R. Burr 6

John Brown. Saint or Madman?, by William W. Hassler 19

Major General Darius N. Couch: A Civil War Profile, by William F. Hanna 25

In Memory of Virtue: A Study of Illinoians' Designs for the Lincoln Tomb, by Douglas G. Campbell 32


VOLUME 86, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1984)

Confederate Leadership and Defeat in the West, by William Eric Jamborsky 50

Abraham Lincoln: Western Star Over Connecticut, Part V, by Nelson R. Burr 77

War Within and Without: A Study of the Black Mans' Role in the American Civil War, by Westmore Peyton 93

Lincoln's Position on Black Enlistments, by Howard C. Westwood 101

Did Currier & Ives Pirate a Lincoln Emancipation Print, by Harold Holzer 113

Faces Lincoln Knew. Photographs From the Past (Princes Salm-Salm), by Lloyd Ostendorf 117


VOLUME 86, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1984)

The Tokyo Lincoln Center at Meisei University, by Mitsuo Kodama 131

The Pragmatic Lincoln: A Historiographic Assessment of his Western Policy, by Samuel E. Bell and James M. Smallwood 134

Jefferson Davis and Southern Opinion Change 1861-1865, As Seen Through Twelve Diaries, by Amy R. Roberson 143

Boston Corbett: A Final Chapter? by Grace Stageberg Swenson 150

Sheridan: The Life of a General, Part I, by Joseph E. Suppiger 157

Abraham Lincoln. Saint or Infidel? by John Derge 171

Lincoln and Christ Parallels, by Lloyd Ostendorf 177

The Legacy of Father Abraham From a Lincoln Day Sermon, by Dr. Clyde Dodder 179


VOLUME 86, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1984)

"Kindly Let Me Be Silent: A Reluctant Lincoln, by Waldo W. Braden 195

The Tragedy of Major Rathbone, by W. Emerson Reck 203

Some Observations on Lincoln Anniversaries, by Kenneth A. Bernard 207

President Lincoln's Car, by Raymond Borchers 212


VOLUME 87, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1985)

Railsplitter on the Boards: The Lincoln of Drama, by William J. McGill 4

Lincoln and the Adams Family, by Patricia Ann Owens 13

Sheridan, the Life of a General, Part II, by Joseph E. Suppiger 18


VOLUME 87, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1985)

The Lasting Qualities of the Gettysburg Address, by Waldo W. Braden 35

Abraham Lincoln, Governor William H. Bissell and Perjury: The Illinois Campaign of 1856 by Robert P. Howard 39

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part III, by Joseph E. Suppiger 49


VOLUME 87, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1985)

Is This of Your Own Free Will and Accord? by R. V. Havlik 66

Chicago 1860: A Mason's Wigwam? by Oliver Fraysse 71

A Kentucky Yankee's Story of Fort Donelson, by Robert I. Newsome, Jr. 73

Lincoln's Appointment of James O. Putnam as Consul at Le Havre, by Neill F. Sanders 76

Sheridan, The Life of A General, Part IV, by Joseph E. Suppiger 83


VOLUME 87, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1985)

The Ten Who sat in the Front Row During the Gettysburg Dedication, by Frank L. Klement 106

Sheridan, the Life of A General, Part V, by Joseph E. Suppiger 114

Forgotten Heroes: Black Recipients of the Medal of Honor, 1863-1865, Part I, by William C. Stark 122


VOLUME 88, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1986)

An Historic Tennessee Homecoming '86, by Joseph E. Suppiger 2

Forgotten Heroes: Black Recipients of the United States Congressional Medal of Honor in the Civil War, Part II, by William C. Stark 5

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part VI, by Joseph E. Suppiger 12

Let Us Burn No More Daylight, Part I, by Joseph F. von Deck 19

Lincoln and His Cabinet, by Ed Wilhite 25


VOLUME 88, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1986)

Guest Editorial: Lincoln Trade Books and Their Publisher: Some Advice, by John K. Lattimer 38

Tom Green: The Forrest of the Trans Mississippi, by Alwyn Barr 39

Let Us Burn No More Daylight, Part II, by J. F. von Deck 43

Dr. Abraham Lincoln, W. Emerson Reck 47

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part VII, by Joseph E, Suppiger 51

The Imagemakers: Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Press in 1860, by Edwin Schoell 56

Forgotten Heroes: Black Recipients of the United States Congressional Medal of Honor in the Civil War, Part III, by William C. Stark 70


VOLUME 88, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1986) 

Abraham Lincoln - The Manager, by Don Phillips 82

Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Wood, by Marion Hubbard 87

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part VIII, by Joseph E. Suppiger 91

Let Us Burn No More Daylight, Part III, by J.F. von Deck 97

Educating a President: Abraham Lincoln and Learning, 1809-1854, by H. Draper Hunt 114


VOLUME 88, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1986)

The Six-Hour War of Samuel B. Arnold, by Percy E. Martin 134

President Lincoln's First Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, by H. Draper Hunt 137

John H. Surratt - Some New Views and Materials, by Alfred Isacsson 145

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part IX, by Joseph E. Suppiger 150

Cotton Lard and Rebels: James Osborn Putnam as Lincoln's Le Havre Consul, by Neill Fred Sanders 157

VOLUME 89, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1987)

"I Miss the Cannon's Roar": Letters of a Pennsylvania Surgeon in the Second Bull Run Campaign, August-September 1862, by Edward G. Longacre 3

Sheridan, The Life of a General, Part X His Final Years, by Joseph E. Suppiger 9

White Nationalism and Abolitionism: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Sumner, by Ronald Briley 17

The Case of Jacob Walter, by Alfred Isacsson 21

Abraham Lincoln-the manager, Part II. Dealing With Severe and Unjust Criticism, by Don Phillips 25


VOLUME 89, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1987)

Abraham Lincoln of Pennsylvania (1736-1806) and the Bill of Rights, by Richard Colby 42

Abraham Lincoln - the Manager, Patrt III, by Don Phillips 59

Abraham Lincoln's "Little Engine" His Political Speaking, 1854-1860 - Part II, by Waldo W. Braden 66

Brigadier General Patrick Henry Jones, by Mark Dunkleman 71

Where Did Winfield Scott Find His Anaconda? by John F. Marszalek 77


VOLUME 89, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1987)

Eyewitness to History: Newton Ferree, the Lincoln Assassination and the Close of the Civil War in Washington, by John K. Lattimer and Terry Alford 95

Lincoln Immortality, by John A. Lloyd 99

The Trial and Execution of Two Confederate Agents in New York, by Joseph George, Jr. 102

Lincoln in the 1850's: Freedom and Responsibility by David Hein 112

Never Defeated Yet, by Paul Kallina 117


VOLUME 89, NUMBER 4 (Winter, 1987)

A Lincoln Day Without A Lincoln, by Joseph Gallagher 134

Lincoln's First Inaugural Address - A Study, by Louis William Doll 136

Lincoln's Duel, by Thomas O. Jewett 142

The Chief Prosecutor of the Lincoln Conspirators, by Erving E. Beauregard 144

The Predominant Cause of the Civil War Reconsidered: A Retrospective Essay, by James Smallwood 152

A Sermon Lincoln Heard: P. D. Gurley's "Mans' Projects and God's Results," by David Hein 161


VOLUME 90, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1988)

Lewis A. Armistead. The Bravest of the Brave.", by Jerry H. Maxwell 2

Profanation of the Constitution: Radical Rule, 1861-1877, by Thomas Bland Keys 10

Madness, Malingering and Malfeasance, by Raymond G. Lande 17

The Mysterious Browning Letter, by Doris Replogel Porter 20

Print of the Edition: Advertising the "Death of Lincoln.", by Harold Holzer 34


VOLUME 90, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1988)

Lincoln's Western Travel, 1859., by Waldo W. Braden 38

The Literature of Confederate Victory: Forays in Imaginary History, by Stephen Davis 44

Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865 - A Study, by Louis Wm. Doll 51

His More Distant Hero: Horace Porter and Abraham Lincoln, by Richard Henry Owens 54

The Poetic Image of Abraham Lincoln, by James Stevenson 58


VOLUME 90, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1988)

"Dancing attendance in the chambers of the great": A Texas Unionist Goes to Washington, 1863. by James Marten 84

What Was Abe Lincoln Doing in Pre-War Japan?, by Michael Mogilevsky 87

Not So Strange Bedfellows: Thomas Ewing II and the Defense of Samuel Mudd, by Lorie Ann Porter 91

Romantic Glimpses of Abraham Lincoln, by James Stevenson 102

Faces Lincoln Knew: Photographs From the Past (John Edwin Denny), by Lloyd Ostendorf 109

The Dred Scott Fragment: A Mystery, by Don E. Fehrenbacher 110


VOLUME 90, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1988)

The American Voyages of Abraham Lincoln and Huckleberry Finn, by James A. Stevenson 130

Willie Pegram: "That Damn Little Man With the Specs.", by Jerry H. Maxwell 134

Lincoln and Garibaldi, by Clay W. Stuckey 140

"Thrilling Words" or "Silly Remarks:" What the Press Said About the Gettysburg Address, by Harold Holzer 144

A Sober Look at the Temperance Address, Oliver Fraysse 146

In the Abraham Lincoln Museum Collection, by Steven M. Wilson 151


VOLUME 91, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1989) 

Manifest Destiny & the Irrepressible Conflict. by Mark A. Lause 2

A Todd Legend About the Lincolns' Romance, by Waldo W. Braden 9

Lincoln Witnesses A Will: A New Document, by Wayne C. Temple 12

Lincoln's Ancestry. A New Document, by Edward Steers Jr. 13

In the Abraham Lincoln Museum Collection, by Steven M. Wilson 19


VOLUME 91, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1989)

Abraham Lincoln - Man of Humor, by Martin D. Tullai 34

An Aftermath of "Sampson's Ghost:" A New Lincoln Document, by Wayne C. Temple 42

Wyoming and Montana During the Lincoln Administration, by Patricia Ann Owens 49

The Tyrannicide's Reception: Responses in Texas to Lincoln's Assassination, by John M. Barr 58

Print of the Edition: An Engraved Tribute to Lincoln's Farewell Address to Springfield, by Harold Holzer 65

In the Abraham Lincoln Museum Collection, by Steven M. Wilson 68


VOLUME 91, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1989)

"A Puttin'on (H)airs" by Edward Steers Jr. 86

Private Ross and the 93rd New York at the Battle of the Wilderness, by D. Reid Ross 91

A North-South Friendship: Abraham Lincoln and Alexander H. Stephens, by Waldo W. Braden 104

A Texan Witnesses the First Thanksgiving, by James Marten 110

In the Abraham Lincoln Museum Collection, by Steven M. Wilson 116


VOLUME 91, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1989)

Memorial: Roy P. Basler, by Gary R. Planck 134

Lincoln's Bixby Letter: A Study in Authenticity, by Joe Nickell 135

Secretary Stanton and Congressman Bingham, by Erving E. Beauregard 141

If Lincoln Had Lived: Texans Reconsider Lincoln's Assassination, by John Barr 151

In the Abraham Lincoln Museum Collection, by Steven M. Wilson 158