VOLUME 72, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1970)

I Am Springfield (poem), by Gary L. Erickson 1

In Search of Lincoln's English Ancestors, by Henry B. Bass 3

Freedom in the Thought of Abraham Lincoln, by John W. Cooke 10

Lincoln's Lost Letters, by Charles F. Cooney 17

The Military Role of Lincoln in the War of Secession, by F. D. Cope 20

Lincoln, Scouting, and Religion, by Wayne C. Temple 27


VOLUME 72, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1970)

Last Voyage (poem), by Viola Jacobson Berg 41

St. Nicholas Hotel Secures Jones' Bust of Lincoln, by Paul Powell 43

St. Nicholas Hotel Dedicates Its Jones Bust of Lincoln, by Wayne C. Temple 47

The Preacher Regiment at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge, by Lester L. Swift 51

Abraham Lincoln and Black Colonization: Theory and Practice, by Gary R. Planck 61


VOLUME 72, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1970)

Lincoln's Office (poem), by Hallie M. Holt 85

Lincoln's Military Service After the Black Hawk War, by Wayne C. Temple 87

A Lincoln Avocation, by Lloyd Ostendorf 90

Margaret A. Flint Receives Lincoln Diploma, by Wayne C. Temple 93

The Civil War Correspondence of John Rawalt of Illinois, by Robert E. Levinson 96

Corporal Edward Emmet Fielding (1840-1864), by Robb R. Rueb 104

Lexington Home of Mary Todd Lincoln to be Preserved, by Kenneth F. Harper 110

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin R. Turner 113



VOLUME 72, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1970)

Beyond Tribute: Abraham Lincoln (poem), by Viola Jacobson Berg 141

Let Us Adopt Lincoln's Posture, Richard B. Ogilvie 143

Where Lincoln Practiced Law in Edgar County, by R. Bruce Duncan 145

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin R. Turner


VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1971)

Bond of Grief, by Viola Jacobson Berg 1

Father Abram Joseph Ryan: Poet of the Lost Cause, by L. Moody Simms, Jr. 3

Abraham Lincoln and Divine Providence, by David R. Murph 8

 Henry Stanton: The Abolitionist as Politician, by Ira Cohen 16

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part I, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 27


VOLUME 73, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1971)

To My Friend, A Lincoln Scholar, by Eugene W. Etheridge 53

Lincoln Tomb Ceremony, 1971, by Thomas L. W. Johnson 55

A Tribute to Ruth Painter Randall, 1892-1971, by Alan K. Laing 57

Allan Nevins (1890-1971), by Arnold Gates 60

An American Diplomat in Spain: Horatio J. Perry, by Clifford L. Egan 62

A Young Naval Officer, by R. Bruce Duncan 76

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brookes, Part II, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 78


VOLUME 73, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1971)

The Return, by Charles J. Bauer 125

Some Thoughts on Nancy Hanks Lincoln, by Betty J. Atkinson 127

America's Gideon in "The Scepter's Isle:" The British Tour of Henry Ward Beecher in 1863, by Edward W. Ellsworth 138

Mr. Lincoln's Portuguese Neighbors, by Jordan D. Fiore 150

Lincoln Takes the Pulse of the Confederacy at Charleston in March 1861, by Howard T. Oedel 156

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part III, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 163

White Opposition to Black Migration into Civil War Wisconsin, by Edward Noyes 181


VOLUME 73, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1971)

A Face Lincoln Should Have Known [Lloyd Ostendorf], 197

Laura Keene and Mr. Lincoln, by Terry Theodore  199

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part IV, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 205

The Revolution in Journalism during the Civil War, by L. Edward Carter 229

Lincoln and Yates: The Climb to Power, by Jack Northrup 242

Thomas Jackson: Negro Sunday School Teacher, Bruce Duncan 225


VOLUME 74, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1972)

The Heroes of Time by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay 1

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part V, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 3

John A. Elder: Memorial Artist of the Confederacy, by L. Moody Simms,Jr. 29

The Civil War on the New York Stage From 1861-1900, Part I, by Terry Theodore 34

Joseph Russell Jones, by George R. Jones 41


VOLUME 74, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1972)

"All the Same," by Charles J. Bauer 73

A New Lincoln Photo Find, by Lloyd Ostendorf 75

New Lincoln Holographs, by Arthur Hecht 81

How a Yankee Soldier, Mistaken for the Devil, Escaped From Andersonville Prison, by Jay Monaghan 89

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part VI, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 92

Abraham Lincoln in Theses and Dissertations, by Monte R. Baker 107

VOLUME 74, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1972)

"Abe" Lincoln, by Eugene W. Etheridge 121

"These Honored Dead:" David Wills and the Soldiers Cemetery at Gettysburg, by Frank L. Klement 123

Zachariah Riney: Lincoln's First Schoolmaster, by Roger H. Fytrell 136

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part VII, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 143


VOLUME 74, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1972)

Billy Herndon, by Gary Lee Erickson 185

Taking Care of the Lincoln Boys' Horses, by Roy P. Basler 187

Weldon E. Petz 190

Official data Goldmine: The Official Records of the Civil War, by Alan Conrad Aimone 192

The Civil War on the New York Stage from 1861-1865, by Terry Theodore 203

Earl Schenck Miers 1910-1972, by Arnold Gates 212

Lincoln's "Castine:" Noah Brooks, Part VIII, by Wayne C. Temple and Justin G. Turner 214

Amos Tuck, Office-Seeker, by Lucy Lowden 227 


VOLUME 75, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1973)

Lincoln Memorial, by Charles J. Bauer 1

Lloyd Misreads the Preachers, by Rollin W. Quimby 3

Lyman Trumball and the Making of a President, 1860, by Mario R. De Nunzio 11

"Our Little Colonel:" Douglas Hapeman, by Steven J. Adolphson 18

The Civil War on the New York Stage from 1860-1900, Part III, by Terry Therodore 29 

VOLUME 75, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1973)

Why We Believe in the Need for a Center for Lincoln Studies at LMU, by Harlan Sanders and Mrs. Claudia Sanders 43

A Living Lincoln, by Ralph G. Lindstrom 44

A Brief History of a Great Lincoln Collection, by R. Gerald McMurtry 45

The Importance of a Center for Lincoln Studies, by Ralph G. Newman 47

The Lincoln Diploma of Honor for 1973, 49

Some Views on the Lincoln Collection at LMU, by Weldon Petz 50

LMU and the Lincoln Collection, by Holman Hamilton 53

The Importance of the Lincoln Collection at LMU, by Wayne C. Temple 55

Lincoln Lives in Appalachia, by Stuart L. Watson 56

The Urgency of Preserving the Lincoln Collection at LMU. by Stewart W. McClelland 58

The Lincoln Collection, A Wellspring of History, by Frank G. Rankin 59

Some New Uses for the Lincoln Collection at LMU, by Joseph E. Suppiger 60

A Visit With the Lincoln Collection at LMU, by Richard J. Wolfe 62

Enlarged Opportunities for Lincoln Studies, by Stuart L. Watson 63

The Lincoln Collection at LMU: An Oasis for Researchers, by Frank J. Williams 64

Lincoln and American Higher Education, by Frank W. Welch 65

My Views of the Lincoln Collection at LMU, by Crosby Murray 66

Concepts in the Democratic Philosophy for Education, by Herbert Y. Livesay 68


VOLUME 75, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1973)

In Memoriam 77

A Relic From His last Birthday, by Lloyd Ostendorf 79

Lincoln Assassination: The "Forgotten" Litigation - Shuey v. United States (1875), by Gary R. Planck 86

Seward's Savior: George F. Robinson, by Charles F. Cooney 93

William Palmer Dole, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1861-1865, by Donovan L. Hofsommer 97

The Civil War on the New York Stage from 1861-1900, Part IV, by Terry Theodore 123

VOLUME 75, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1973)

Tall on the Prairies, by Robert Taylor Burns 125

New Bits of Odd Lincolniana, Jay Monaghan 127

The Lincoln Academy Convenes at Moline, by Wayne C. Temple 129

United States - Spanish Relations During the Civil War, by Le Roy Fischer and B. J. Chandler 134

"The Most Quiet Election:" Ben Butler Comes to New York, by Murray M. Horowitz 148

A New Lincoln Text: An Opinion on an Illinois Tax, by G. S. Boritt 152

Lincoln's Civil Religion and the Luthern Heritage, by Gary Lee Erickson 158 


VOLUME 76, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1974)

Editorial, by Ralph G. Newman 1

Abraham Lincoln "Speaks" 3

The Hardin Thomas House, "The joiners of which was done by Thomas Lincoln," by R. Gerald McMurtry 4

The Estate of Abraham Lincoln, by William E. Treadway 7

Abraham Lincoln's Nationalism Reconsidered, by Mark E. Neely, Jr. 12

John C. Underwood, by Lowell H. Harrison 29

VOLUME 76, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1974)

Editorial, by R. Gerald McMurtry 57

Lincoln's First Appearance on the National Scene, July 1847, by Joseph I. Eisendrath 59

The President and the Press: Election of 1864, by John J. Turner and Michael D'Innocenzo 63

Abraham Lincoln and the Capture of Norfolk, Robert H. Joynt 69

Spanish Views on Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865, by James W. Cortada 80

Lincoln's Assassination: More "Forgotten" Litigation - Ex Parte Mudd (1868), by Gary R. Planck 86

Friends of St. Andrews Church, Hingham, England, by Kenneth A. Bernard 91

Lincoln and Sam Musick's Bridge, by Charles J. Bauer 94

Faces Lincoln Knew (David Davis), by Lloyd Ostendorf 97

In the LMU Collection, Historical Portraits 99 

VOLUME 76, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1974)

Editorial, by John Y. Simon 117

Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties: A Reappraisal, by Charles P. Poland, Jr. 119

White House Lincolniana: The First Family Print of the Lincolns, by Harold Holzer 132

William Ludwell Sheppard: Artist of the Confederacy, by L. Moody Simms, Jr. 139

Lincoln and Bailey: A Forgotten Friendship, by Gary R. Planck 143

Enoch Lewis's Account of Lincoln's Secret Journey from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, February 22, 1861, by Theodore B. Lewis 148

Another Lost Lincoln Letter: The President as Pragmatist or Humanitarian?, by James W. Geary 149

Faces Lincoln Knew (Isaac and Sarah Harvey), by Lloyd Ostendorf 152

In the LMU Collection, John Brown's Constitution 154 

VOLUME 76, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1974)

Editorial, by Frank W. Welch 169

Robert Livingston Stanton's Lincoln, by Dwight L. Smith 172

Hohenstein: Lincoln's "Print Doctor.", by Harold Holzer 181

The Confederate Theatre, Part I, by Terry Theodore 187

Lincoln's Historical Perspective, by William A. Borst 195

The New Nation and its Editor: Fremont's Withdrawal from the 1864 Election, by Harold A. Schofield 203

Lincoln and the Civil War As Viewed by a Dissenting Yankee, by Kenneth A. Bernard 208 


VOLUME 77, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1975)

Editorial, by R. Gerald McMurtry 1

Lincoln's Jess W. Weik, by Glenn Tucker 3

Pioneer Republicans Join the Fray: First Nominating Convention of 1856, by Lysle E. Meyer 15

Another New Lincoln Text?, by Gabor S. Boritt 27

The Confederate Drama, by Terry Theodore 33

Cassius Clay's Embassy to Imperial Russia, by Joseph E. Suppiger 42


VOLUME 77, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1975)

Editorial, by Ronald B. Rietveld 69

Lincoln in Stereo, by Lloyd Ostendorf 71

Lincoln's Jess W. Weik, Part II, by Glenn Tucker 72

Henry Shelton Sanford in England, April-November, 1861, by Neil F. Sanders 87

Presidential Duel at Midsummer: "Peace" Missions to Canada and Richmond, 1864, by John R. Bumgardt 96

The Confederate Theater, Part III, by Terry Theodore 102

The Forgotten Pew, by Robert Zinmeister,Jr. 114

Lincoln's Voice From the Grave, Carl Schurtz, by Thomas Bland Keys 121

Dun & Bradstreet's Credit Rating of Abraham Lincoln, by Ann M. Scanlon 124

Faces Lincoln Knew (Austin Gollaher), by Lloyd Ostendorf 125

In the LMU Collection 127


VOLUME 77, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1975)

Editorial, by Justin G. Turner 137

Abraham Lincoln and American Indian Policy, by Harry Kelsey 139

Mr. Lincoln's Army Fights the Navajos, 1863-1864, by Cliff Tafzer 148

Richmond: Theater Capital of the Confederacy, by Terry Theodore 158

On Lincoln's Face - A Poetic Reconstruction, by Harry Wood 168

In the LMU Collection 172 


VOLUME 77, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1975)

Editorial, by T. Harry Williams 189

Benjamin F. Butler: Seventeenth President?, by Murray M. Horowitz 191

Lincoln and His Prints:  "A Very Indifferent Judge" by Harold Holzer 203

Lincoln and the Cannibals, by Justin G. Turner 212

Lincoln and Pope, by Joseph E. Suppiger 218

In the LMU Collection: Portrait of Lincoln on Glass 223

Obitutary: Philip D. Sang Clyde C. Walton 224


VOLUME 78, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1976)

Editorial, by Mark E. Neely, Jr. 1

John Wilkes Booth at the John Brown Hanging, by Glenn Tucker 3

An Australian Reaction to Lincoln's Death, by Lowell H. Harrison 12

Public Opinion on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Part I, by Thomas R. Turner 17

The Strohm Letters and Lincoln's Thirteenth Amendment, by Justin G. Turner 24

Faces Lincoln Knew(Richard James Oglesby), by Lloyd Ostendorf 27

In the LMU Collection (Surratt Broadside) 29


VOLUME 78, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1976)

Editorial, by Herbert Mitgang 41

Lincoln, Mark Twain and Lincoln Memorial University, by Allison R. Ensor 43

Governor William Dennison and Military Preparations in Ohio, by James A. Schaefer 52

"Deep Pool of Black Silence": Abraham Lincoln, Tragic Hero, by Gary R. Planck 62

Public Opinion on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Part II, by Thomas R. Turner 66

In the LMU Collection 76

The John Henry Brown Miniature of Lincoln: A Critical Reassessment, by Lloyd Ostendorf 78


VOLUME 78, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1976)

Editorial, by Henry V. Jaffa 93

The Bearding of the President, 1860: The Portraitists Put On Hairs, by Harold Holzer 95

Was Lincoln a Converted Christian? by Glenn Tucker 102

How Both Abraham Lincolns Helped Found Arizona, by Harry Wood 109

The Hammontrees Fight the Civil War: Fifth Tennessee Infantry, by Lewis A. Lawson 117

A Flatboat Bound for New Orleans, by Lloyd Ostendorf 122

In the LMU Collection, 124


VOLUME 78, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1976)

Editorial, by Don Fehrenbacher 137

A Roster of Early Lincoln Impersonators, by Richard J. S. Gutman 139

President Lincoln on the Confederate Stage, by Terry Theodore 147

"Overwhelmingly for 'Old Abe'": Sherman's Soldiers and the Election of 1864, by John R. Brumgardt 153

Was Lincoln Prepared for the Presidency, by Lewis H. Croce 160

A Few Words on the Role of Religion in the Life of Lincoln, by Joseph E. Suppiger 164

Faces Lincoln Knew(Samuel G. Alschuler), by Lloyd Ostendorf 166

In the LMU Collection 168


VOLUME 79, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1977)

Editorial, by Charles B. Strozier 1

Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of "Young America," by Robert J. Havlik 3

Printmakers Proclaim Freedom: The Emancipation, by Harold Holzer 11

"A Hand to Hold While Dying." Dr. Charles Leale at Lincoln's Bedside, by Harry Read 21

Putting the "Baboon" to Rest: A Radical republican on Lincoln's Funeral Train, by Allan Peskin 26

Faces Lincoln Knew, by Lloyd Ostendorf 29

Dr. Stewart W. McClellan 1891-1977, by R. Gerald McMurtry 32

In the LMU Collection 34


VOLUME 79, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1977)

Editorial, by William Hanchett 45

The Official Opening of the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, by Joseph E. Suppiger 47

The Role of Abraham Lincoln and Members of His Family in the Charleston Riot During the Civil War, by Ken Anderson 53

Abraham Lincoln and the Language of Sectional Crisis - Part I, by Sylvia D. Fries 61

Lincoln's Sons and the Marfan Syndrom, by Harriet F. Durham 67

Andrew Johnson and the Freedman, by John Y. Simon and Felix James 71

Notre Dame and the Draft, by Virgil Levy 76

Faces Lincoln Knew, by Lloyd Ostendorf 79

In the LMU Collection 83


VOLUME 79, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1977)

Editorial, by Robert G. Gunderson 93

Ideology and Party Loyalty. The Political Conversion of Lyman Trumbull, by Mario R. DeNunzio 95

Abraham Lincoln and the Language of Sectional Crisis. Part II, by Sylvia D. Fries 104

Corruption, Scandal, and Ignominy. The Undiplomatic Mission to Spain of John P. Hale, by James W. Cortada 109

Lincoln's Crises, by Robert L. Randall 116

George L. Cashman, by Kausler and Morrison 121

In the LMU Collection 123


VOLUME 79, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1977)

Editorial, by the Editors 137

Bill Arp: A Lincoln Correspondent, by Gerald J. Smith 139

A Spanish General and the Civil War, by James W. Cortada 142

Lincoln's Ancestor's Came from Ireland, by David S. Keiser 146

Lincoln After Taney's Death, by Edward S. Delaplaine 151

"The Presidential Grub." Lincoln Versus His Generals, by Murray M. Horowitz 157

The Herndon-Oglesby Exchange on the Character of Lincoln, by Mark A. Plummer 169


VOLUME 80, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1978)

Editorial, by Gabor S. Boritt 1

The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War - A Look at the Record, by Howard C. Westwood 3

Freeman Harlow Morse and the Forbes-Aspinwall Mission, by Neill F. Sanders 15

A Study of Louis J. Weichman, by Alfred Isacsson 25

Were the Lincoln Conspirators Dealt Justice?, by Thomas Bland Keys 38

Private Lincoln and the Spy Battalion, by Joseph E. Suppiger 46

Messenger of Lincoln's Death Herself Doomed, by Margie Riddle Bearss 49

Faces Lincoln Knew (Elijah Iles), by Lloyd Ostendorf 51


VOLUME 80, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1978)

Editorial, by Holman Hamilton 53

Abraham Lincoln's 1848 Visit to Massachusetts, by William F. Hanna, III 56

Lincoln and Shields, by Richard A. Lindsey 65

Mr. Lincoln Attends an Education Convention in Illinois, by Edward W. Ellsworth 69

Private Smith Takes Mobile, by Lance Trusty 78

James M. Ashley and the Thirteenth Amendment, by W. Sherman Jackson 83

The Contribution of Louis A. Warren to Lincoln Scholarship, by John David Smith 95


VOLUME 80, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1978)

Editorial, by Frank W. Welch 114

Abraham Lincoln's Philosophy on Black Colonization, by Jason H. Silverman 115

Three Outstanding "Abes": Lincoln's Image in the Cinema, Part II, 1931-1977, by Richard J. S. Gutman 122

Lincoln and the Illinois Copperheads, by Willard L. King 132

President Lincoln's Substitute[J. Summerfield Staples], by W. Emerson Reck 137 

April 1865. Excerpts from the Diary of Sergeant John M. Kane, by Joseph E. Suppiger 140

"That This Nation Shall Not Perish From This Earth" by Dorothy Michel 141


VOLUME 80, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1978)

Editorial, by Kent Masterson Brown 158

Two More Days in the Life of A. Lincoln, by Wayne C. Temple 159

The Pigeon Creek Baptist Church, by Robert Zinmeister, Jr. 161

By Hand to the Front, by Kent Masterson Brown 163

Fort Lesley McNair and the Lincoln Conspirators, by Mike Kauffman 176

Healthy Idealization of Abraham Lincoln, by Robert L. Randell 188

A Unique Lincoln Funeral Print, by Harold Holzer 192


VOLUME 81, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1979)

Editorial, by Joseph E. Suppiger 2

Location of the Rural Hotel in Springfield, by Wayne C. Temple 3

George Grey Barnard, Sculptor of Lincoln, by Leland B. Adams 5

Lincoln's Friend: Kirby Benedict, by Earl C. Kubicek 9

A Memorable Spectacle, by Jeffrey S. King 20

The Abolition Movement and Relations Between Spain and the U.S., by James W. Cortada 27

Lincoln Legends, by Joseph E. Suppiger 33

A Lincoln "Homecoming" that Never Was, by Harold Holzer 39

Faces Lincoln Knew (Stephen Summer Phelps), by Lloyd Ostendorf 41


VOLUME 81, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1979)

The Civil War: A Popular Horror, by James I. Robertson 62

Lincoln Reacts to the Civil War, by Roger D. Bridges 63

The Military Career of Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill, Part I, by Kent Masterson Brown and Edgar G. Archer 78

Logan Salyer of the 50th Virginia, by Robert I. Krick 88

Citizenship for General Lee, by Steve Davis 94

Consul, Commander and Minister: A New Perspective on the Queenstown Incident, by Neill F. Sanders 102

National Encampment, by Byron Farwell 116

Two Hitherto-Unknown, Signed Lincoln Photographs, by Lloyd Ostendorf and Harold Holzer 118


VOLUME 81, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1979)

 Editorial, by William W. Hassler 142

George Quintas Peyton of the 13th Virginia, by Bob Krick 143

Mechanicsville to Sharpsburg, A. P. Hill, by Kent Masterson Brown and Edgar G. Archer 148

Sandberg the Biographer, by Nancy E. Dowding 159

Lincoln the Master Politician, by George D. Wolf 163

Lincoln's Application of Reading, by Richard Hasson 170

The Devil's Advocate: A Defense of Lincoln's Attitude Toward the Negro, 1837-1863. by Richard K. Fleischman 172

The Irrepressible James Shields, by William W, Hassler 187

"Rienzi" by Joseph E. Suppiger 192

A. Lincoln's 1860 Visit to Rhode Island, by William F. Hanna III 197

"Bearding" Lincoln - Little by Little, by Harold Holzer 169

Greenhorns and Honey Bees: the 132nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry at Antietam, by Kent Masterson Brown 202 


VOLUME 81, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1979)

Editorial, by The Bizarre Case of Lewis Paine, by Jerry Maxwell 223

The Mystery of the Telegraph Interruption, by Arthur F. Loux 234

Mary Lincoln - Accessory to Murder, Ver Lynn Sprague 238

Lincoln and the Hampton Roads Peace Conference, by Howard C. Westwood 243

Reconstruction, Had Lincoln Lived, by Christopher Dell 259

Herman Melville, the Civil War and the Assassination, by Kenneth A. Bernard 268

Did Weichman Turn State's Evidence to Save Himself? by Thomas R. Turner 265

Lincoln Calligraphy, by Harold Holzer 270

The Bizarre Case of Lewis Paine, by Jerry H. Maxwell 223