VOLUME 62, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1960)

 A Place Called New Salem by Gary R. Planck 1

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: A Study In Equality by Anthony Hillbruner 3

Lincoln's Ohio Tour by Lloyd Ostendorf 13

Treatment of Confederates by Lincoln and Johnson (Part 2) by Jonathan T. Dorris 18

Lincoln's Height by Wayne C. Temple 29

The Round Tables 31


VOLUME 62, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1960)

Scouting's Golden Anniversary by Wayne C. Temple 49

Tommy Lincoln's Grave Marked by William L. Kent 51

Mrs. Lincoln's Clothing by Jennie H. James and Wayne C. Temple 54

Lincoln and Elizabeth Morgan McElrath by Milton H. Shutes 66

Treatment of Confederates by Congress (Part 3) by Jonathan T. Dorris 70

A Tribute to Fern Pond by Wayne C. Temple 78

The Round Tables 80 


VOLUME 62, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1960

Lincoln the Friendly Neighbor by Avard Fairbanks 97

A Devildog's Dogtag of the Civil War by Harold M. Hyman 99

Current Receives Lincoln Diploma of Honor by Wayne C. Temple 101

John E. Roll Recalls Lincoln by Garda Ann Turner 103

How I Became A Collector of Lincolniana by Harold K. Sage 106

Lincoln in Three Dimensions by Lloyd Ostendorf 109

The Civil War Letters of Henry C. Bear (Part 1) by Wayne C. Temple 116

Chicago Civil War Round Table Tour by Gilbert Twiss 130


VOLUME 62, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1960)

The Centennial of the Civil War by U. S. Grant 3rd 137

Lincoln Rides the Circuit by Wayne C. Temple 139

The Civil War Letters of Henry C. Bear (Part 2) by Wayne C. Temple 144

Through India With Abraham Lincoln by Richard N. Current 161

Robert Lee Kincaid by Wayne C. Temple 166

Mrs. Lincoln's Visit to Springfield in 1866 by Wayne C. Temple 170

F. Lauriston Bullard as a Lincoln Scholar by Joseph George, Jr. 173


VOLUME 63, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1961)

The Civil War Centennial Begins by Mark W. Clark 1

The Civil War Letters of Henry C. Bear, Part III by Wayne C. Temple 3

The Case of Colonel William Mayer by Milton H. Shutes 24

Lincoln on June 3, 1855 by Wayne C. Temple 27

Anthony L. Maresh, 1877-1960 by Dick Squire 28

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part I) by Kenneth A. Bernard 29


VOLUME 63, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1961)

Centennial of Lincoln's First Inauguration by Lloyd A. Dunlap 53

Loafing With Lincoln by Wayne C. Temple 55

The Fort Sumter Commemoration by Edison P. Lohr 64

John J. Duff, 1902-1961 by Arnold Gates 66

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part II) by Kenneth A. Bernard 67

Portraits of Carl Sandberg by Alan Jenkins 77

Two Curious Facets of Lincoln's Character by Otto Eisenschiml 85

The Substance of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates (Part I) by Harlan Hoyt Horner 89


VOLUME 63, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1961)

Young Lincoln by Edwin Markham 109

Lincoln and the Lost Ledger by Justin G. Turner 111

The Lincoln Monument on the Lincoln Highway by Robert I. Russin 119

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part III) Kenneth A. Bernard 121

Quaker Ancestors for Lincoln by David S. Keiser 134

Mearns Receives Lincoln Diploma by Wayne C. Temple 138

The Substance of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates (Part II) by Harlan Hoyt Horner 139

Lincoln Recommends William T. Hacker by Paul L. Rude 150

A. W. Frenach: Lincoln Family Dentist by Wayne C. Temple 151


VOLUME 63, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1961)

Reenactment of First Manassas by J. W. Waters 173

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil war (Part IV) by Kenneth A. Bernard 175

"Lincoln the Student" by Merrell Gage 182

Spank the Boobies by C. C. Tisler 183

Lincoln and B. H. Fergueson by George P. Doss 184

Doctor Lincoln's Doctorates by William F. Zornow 186

Major Small and "The Red Badge of Courage" by David D. Anderson 191

Lincoln to Stanton. An Unpublished Lincoln Letter by Joseph George, Jr. 193

Biography of a Chair by Kenneth N. Metcalf 196

A Union Soldier in Kentucky and Tennessee by Wayne C. Temple 203


VOLUME 64, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1962)

F. Lauristan Scholarship Fund 1

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part V) by Kenneth A. Bernard 3

A Sculptor Reminisces by Fred M. Torrey 9

Lincoln's Facial Moles by Milton H. Shutes 13

Lincoln and the Crisis Presidency by Robert S. Hirschfield 15

Mrs. Lincoln's Jewelry by Wayne C. Temple 26

April 14, 1865 by Peter Greene 27

Sherwood Anderson's Use of the Lincoln Theme by David D. Anderson 28


VOLUME 64, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1962)

The Passing of Abraham Lincoln by Emma M. Bower 49

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part VI) by Kenneth A. Bernard 51

Turner Awarded Lincoln Diploma of Honor by Wayne C. Temple 63

The General Steams Again by Edison H. Thomas 64

John W. Wayland by Russell L. Stultz 69

Abraham Lincoln: Strategist of Conciliation by Ernest Samuels 70

Sullivan Medallion to Schaefer by Wayne C. Temple 80

A Chaplain in the 11th Missouri Infantry by Wayne C. Temple 81


VOLUME 64, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1962)

Centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation by Edward R. Murrow 105

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation by Lloyd A. Dunlap 107

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part VII) by Kenneth A. Bernard 122

The Solitary Walker (A Portrait of Abraham Lincoln) by Mary Morgan Sirchuk 134

Genesis of the World's Greatest Speech by Clifford D. Owsley 136

Frederick Hill Meserve by Lloyd Ostendorf 140

Lincoln and Libraries by David C. Mearns 147


VOLUME 64, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1962)

Lincoln and Equality by Ralph G. Lindstrom 161

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part VIII) by Kenneth A. Bernard 163

More About Belle Boyd by Louis A. Sigaud 174

A Poesque Lincoln: Orpheus C. Kerr's "Baltimore." by Ben H. McClary 182

"Lincoln's Avengers:" The Assassination and Sherman's Army by James P. Jones 185

A Recently Discovered Lincoln Letter by Joseph George, Jr. 191


VOLUME 65, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1963)

Rally 'Round Gettysburg by Wayne C. Temple 1

Mary Todd Lincoln's Birthplace by J. Winston Coleman 3

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part IX) by Kenneth A. Bernard 6

Dr. Reinhard Henry Luthin by Arnold Gates 20

Knox College's Old main by Craig Edward Lovitt 22

Robert Story Harper 1899-1962 by R. L. F. McCombs 25

The Blumhaven Lincoln Collection by Herman Blum 27

Lincoln's Galvanized Yankees by Harold M. Hyman 32


VOLUME 65, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1963)

Never Praise Enough by E. Jay Ritter 49

John McConnell Knew Lincoln by Wayne C. Temple 51

"Eisenhower on Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief" 55

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil war (Part X) by Kenneth A. Bernard 58

Jefferson Davis's Judge by Samuel Stern II 70

A. E. Geldhof by Gilbert Twiss 71

Thomas I. Starr: Courageous Lincoln Scholar by Alan Jenkins 73

Temple Awarded Lincoln Diploma of Honor by Robert Calhoun Provine 78


VOLUME 65, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1963)

November 19, 1863 by Mary Morgan Sirchuk 101

Rebecca Wright - Traitor or Patriot? by Sylvia G. L. Dannett 103

O. O. Howard to Henry Wilson by Justin G. Turner 113

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XI) by Kenneth A. Bernard 116

Henry B. Bass's Collection by Le Roy H. Fischer 127

Captain Abraham and the Promised Land by Lester L. Swift 135

Letters From the Kane County cavalry by Clifford Egan 144

Faces Lincoln Knew (William Turner Coggeshall) by Lloyd Ostendorf 150


VOLUME 65, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1963)

Two Martyrs by Wayne C. Temple 165

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XII) by Kenneth A. Bernard 167

Otto Eisenschiml 1880-1963 by Ralph G. Newman and E. B. Long 178

The Frank Howard Collection by Thomas I. Starr 180

Richard Friend Lufkin by Claud E. Simmonds 185

Lincoln and Henry Wilson by Ernest A. McKay 187

Voices from the North by F. N. Boney 190

A Forgotten Forerunner of Abraham Lincoln by Elwin L. Page 194

The Civil War Letters of Nathaniel M. Reynolds by James Barnett 199

Faces Lincoln Knew (Gustavus V. Fox) by Lloyd Ostendorf 214


VOLUME 66, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1964)

The Funeral Train by Peter Greene 1

Adam Gurowski Discovers a Cabinet Secretary by Le Roy H. Fischer 3

William Best Hessletine by Richard N. Current 14

The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial by David A. Kimball 15

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XIII) by Kenneth A. Bernard 19

Marion Pratt by Wayne C. Temple 31

Lord John Russell and British Consuls in America in 1861 by Edward W. Ellsworth 34

Faces Lincoln Knew (Eight DeCamp Brothers) by Lloyd Ostendorf 41


VOLUME 66, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1964)

Men's Eyes Have Seen His Glory by Michael D. Hull 57

Abraham Lincoln and the Doctrine of Necessity by Gerald D. Mulder 59

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XIV) by Kenneth A. Bernard 67

Carl Schaefer 1881-1963 by Arnold Gates 77

An Old Lincoln Graveyard (Virginia John) by Lester L. Swift 78

Adam Gurowski Views Lincoln's Reelection by Le Roy H. Fischer 83

Lincoln Diploma to McClelland by Wayne C. Temple 87

Anglo-American Affairs in October of 1862 by Edward W. Ellsworth 89

An Illinois Captain in the South by Wayne C. Temple 97

Faces Lincoln Knew (James Roberts Gilmore) by Lloyd Ostendorf 103


VOLUME 66, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1964)

Lincoln Memorial by Edna Denniston 113

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XV) by Kenneth A. Bernard 115

Some Impressions of Lincoln and Douglas During the campaign of 1858 by Richard Allen Heckman 135

Lincoln's Samuel Pate by Harold James Spelman 140

A Commission for Robert by Arthur G. Nuhrah 143

British Consuls in the Confederacy during 1862 by Edward W. Ellsworth 149

Faces Lincoln Knew (Cassius Marcellus Clay) by Lloyd Ostendorf 155

William H. Townsend 1890-1964 by Holman Hamilton 157


VOLUME 66, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1964)

Carl Sandburg Meditates at 87 by Alan Jenkins 161

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XVI) by Kenneth A. Bernard 163

Lincoln Aids John McConnell: A New Lincoln Letter by Wayne C. Temple 173

Lincoln to a British Admirer: An Unpublished Letter by Ben Harris McClary 177

April 14, 1865: A Soldier's View Justin G. Turner 178

Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. James A. Smith by Wayne C. Temple 181

A Monument for one of the Lincoln Maids [Mariah Vance] by Lloyd Ostendorf 184

Appomattox by Harvey Davis 187


VOLUME 67, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1965)

General McPherson by Harvey Davis 1

Lincoln's Last Autograph by Lloyd Ostendorf 3

Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War (Part XVII) by Kenneth A. Bernard 7

Manchester's Lincoln by Ben Harris McClary 20

William Boyd Compton: Belle Boyd's Cousin by Louis A. Sigaud 22

Faces Lincoln Knew (Vinnie Ream) by Lloyd Ostendorf 34


VOLUME 67, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1965)

Lincoln's Immortality by Wayne C. Temple 53

The Literary Lincoln by William W. Hassler 55

Lincoln and the Burners at New Salem by Wayne C. Temple 59

"Bully for the First Connecticut!" by Lester L. Swift 72

Last Assembly of the Civil War Centennial Commission by Wayne C. Temple 83

Faces Lincoln Knew (Edward Dickinson Baker) by Lloyd Ostendorf 91


VOLUME 67, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1965)

Lincoln by Harvey O. Davis 109

Lincoln's Voice by Waldo W. Braden 111

Warren Receives Lincoln Diploma by Wayne C. Temple 117

The Lincoln Penny. "Midsummer Madness " of 1909 by Willard B. Gatewood 119

Lincoln and Truman Smith by John Y. Simon 124

James N. Adams: He Also "Knew" Lincoln by Wayne C. Temple 131

A Different Lincoln by Lester L. Swift 134

Faces Lincoln Knew (Roland Weaver Diller) by Lloyd Ostendorf 141


VOLUME 67, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1965)

Lincoln Lives by John D. Clinton 149

Bancroft's Eulogy of Lincoln and British Reaction by Arnold Blumberg 151

The Case of the Berry & Lincoln Tavern License by Herman Blum 158

Political Fortunes of Lincoln and Douglas in 1858-1859 by Richard Allen Heckman 161

Thomas Lincoln Buys School Land by Wayne C. Temple 171

Another Look at the Civil War by Le Roy H. Fischer 174

Lincoln and the Mayor of New York by Steven Lee Carson 184

Faces Lincoln Knew (Owen Lovejoy) by Lloyd Ostendorf 192


VOLUME 68, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1966)


Lincoln by Peter Greene 1

Some Legal Aspects of the Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators by Paul Sedgwick 3

Samuel C. Parks's Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by Le Roy H. Fischer 11

"A Hartford Boy in a Waterbury Company:" by Lester L. Swift 20

Lincoln Still Walks at Night by Wayne C. Temple 36

The Centennial of Lincoln, Argentina by Boyd B. Stutler 42

The Civil War Poems of Herman Melville by Richard O. Shaw 44

Faces Lincoln Knew (John Eddy Roll) by Lloyd Ostendorf 50


VOLUME 68, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1966)

Lincoln and Franklin by Wayne C. Temple 57

White House Words Overheard: A True Lincoln Anecdote by Lloyd Ostendorf 59

Lincoln's Arithmetic Education: Influence on His Life by Maurice Dorfman 61

Lincoln and W.H.W. Cushman by Wayne C. Temple 81

"The Personal Sentiments of Mr. Lincoln" by John Y. Simon 89

Ostendorf Receives Lincoln Diploma of Honor by Wayne C. Temple 93

"The Only Substantial Difference" : Lincoln and the Negro by David Lindsey 95

Faces Lincoln Knew (F. B. Carpenter) by Lloyd Ostendorf 98


VOLUME 68, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1966)

Time and Deeds - Not Martyrdom - Mark an Enduring Man in History by Henry Blum 105

Lincoln's Arithmetic Education , Part II by Maurice Dorfman 108

How a Railroader Saw Lincoln Leave Illinois in 1861 by Adin Baber and Mary E. Loeb 121

An Original Lincoln Photograph Uncovered by Lloyd Ostendorf 130

Lincoln in the Census by Wayne C. Temple 135

Abraham Lincoln and the Fine Arts by Silvia G. L. Dannett 141

Reminders of Lincoln in a Cornerstone by Wayne C. Temple 149

Faces Lincoln Knew (Thomas Corwin) by Lloyd Ostendorf 160


VOLUME 68, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1966)

Lincoln on a Totem Pole by Wayne C. Temple 167

Anecdotes About Carl Sandburg by Alan Jenkins 170

When Lincoln Left Town With Another Woman by Wayne C. Temple 175

Artists in Arms During the Civil War by Silvia G. L. Dannett 186

Gold, Cotton, and Newsprint by Dorothea S. Michelman 190

Lincoln, Medill and the Republican Nomination in 1860 by Alfred L. Lorenz, Jr. 199

Faces Lincoln Knew (U. S. Grant) by Lloyd Ostendorf 206


VOLUME 69, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1967)

Living With Abraham Lincoln by Henry B. Bass 1

Lincoln to Kasson: A New Letter by Carmen Anthony Notaro 3

Lincoln and Freedom: And How Free is Freedom? by H. La Marr Rice 6

Lincoln and Son Borrow Books by Amy Louise (Sutton) Kellerstrass 10

The Mystery of the Dying President's Attendants by Herman Blum 22

"The Real Issue:" An Analysis of the Final Lincoln-Douglas Debate by James W. Anderson 27

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Provine: In Memoriam by Arthur G. Nuhrah 40

Faces Lincoln Knew (Andrew Johnson) by Lloyd Ostendorf 42


VOLUME 69, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1967)

Lincoln's World Image by Herman Blum 49

A Lincoln Speech to the Illinois General Assembly by Paul Findley 51

Lincoln Meets "Falstaff." by John J. Sommers 54

Lincoln and the Freedom Riders of the 1830's by Earl W. Wiley 60

The Negro in Wisconsin's Civil War Effort by Edward Noyes 70

Why Indian Territory Joined the Confederacy by Jean McCulley Currin 83

Fort Donelson in October, 1862 by Wayne C. Temple 92

Faces Lincoln Knew (Phineas Taylor Barnum) by Lloyd Ostendorf 97


VOLUME 69, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1967)

Hail Lincoln the Commoner by Gay Robe 105 

Lincoln and Bennett: The Story of a Store Account by Wayne C. Temple 107

A Note On Spanish-Peruvian Problems in American Diplomacy by Clifford L. Egan 116

Lincoln's Todd In-Laws by J. Duane Squires 121

Johnny Shiloh by Harold J. Ziegler 129

Abraham Lincoln and the Trent Affair by Norman B. Ferris 131

Lincoln and the Washington Cathedral by William F. Creighton 136

Faces Lincoln Knew (Donn Piatt) by Lloyd Ostendorf 140


VOLUME 69, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1967)

The Soul of Lincoln by Vachel Lindsay 149

Afar Off, Lincoln Glimpses the White House by Elwell Crissey 151

Lincoln Writes to Friedrich Hecker: A New Letter by George S. Hecker and James E. Gleichert 159

Carl Sandburg 1878-1967 by Alan Jenkins 162

Tribulations of the rev. Col. Jaquess and the Preacher Regiment: A New Lincoln Note Discovered by Lester L. Swift 165

Lincoln's Character as Described in Sermons at the Time of His Death by Roland W. Quimby 178

"Private Joe Fifer" in the Civil War by Loren Keltner 187

Faces Lincoln Knew (Seth Kinman) by Lloyd Ostendorf 198


VOLUME 70, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1968)

Memorial Lines for Carl Sandburg Suggested by His Poem "Finish" by Alan Jenkins 1

Illinois' Sandberg by Otto Kerner 4

Fog by Carl Sandberg 7

A Tribute to Carl Sandberg by Allan Nevins 8

Addressed to a Father by Helga Sandberg 9

My Poet Brother-in-Law by Edward Steichen 11

Our Friendship With Carl Sandberg by Ruth Painter Randall 14

Sandberg in Glendora by Norman Corwin 20

Flat Rock Friend by Don Shoemaker 23

Recollections of Carl Sandberg by Thomas Hornsby Ferril 27

Carl Sandberg, Newspaper Man by Herbert Mitgang 29

The Best of America by Harry Hansen 31

Carl Sandberg: The Lincoln Years by Catharine McCarthy 33

Sandberg, My Hero by Jesse Stuart 40

"Talk About Good Times? We Had 'Um'!" by Richard Paul Graebel 44

A Sandberg Serendipity by George C. B.. Tolleson 47

Sandberg Memorial Tribute by Ralph G. Newman 53

Sandberg As I Knew Him by Arnold Gates 57

Fraternal Night Owl by Alan Jenkins 59

Once Upon A Time by Wayne C. Temple 63


VOLUME 70, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1968)

Youngest Soldier by Gay Robe 71

Lincoln's Views On Mob Action by Philip D. Jordan 73

The Battle of the Banner in Denver by B. Richard & Kathleen E. Burg 77

Abraham Lincoln and Others at the St. Nicholas by Wayne C. Temple 79

Faces Lincoln Knew (Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz) by Lloyd Ostendorf 125


VOLUME 70, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1968)

Banner and Bible by Gay Robe 135

Old Abe v. Incomparable Max by Richard Hanser 137

Abraham Lincoln and the Minister of France, 1860-1863 by Daniel B. Carroll 142

Bass Receives Lincoln Diploma of Honor by Wayne C. Temple 154

"Killed in a Skirmish Near Strawberry Plain" by Wayde Crismer 157

Faces Lincoln Knew (Frederick Douglas) by Lloyd Ostendorf 159


VOLUME 70, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1968)

In Memoriam 179

Zacharia Chandler and the Withdrawal of Fremont in 1864; New Answers to an Old Riddle by Hans L. Trefousse 181

A Union Volunteer with the Mississippi Ram Fleet by L. Moody Simms, Jr. 189

Gov. Richard Yates and Pres. Lincoln by Jack Northrup 193

Lincoln's First Step to Becoming a Lawyer by Wayne C. Temple 207


VOLUME 71, NUMBER 1 (Spring 1969)

He Lives Not Here by Mary L. Boyles 1

Col. Jaquess' Second Peace Mission by Lester L. Swift 3

Elizabeth Keckley's Lost Lincoln Relics by Lloyd Ostendorf 14

The Lincoln Log Cabins by Adin Baber and Mary E. Lobb 19

Lincoln's First Direct Reply to Douglas on Squatter Sovereignty Recalled by Mark A. Plummer 27

The Lincoln-Johnson Plan for Reconstruction and the Republican Convention of 1864 by Robert L. Morris 33


VOLUME 71, NUMBER 2 (Summer 1969)

A Welcome Visitor by Gay Robe 45

A New Lincoln Photograph by Lloyd Ostendorf 47

Sullivan Medallion to Temple by Herbert Y. Livesay 52

The Monroe Doctrine and Santo Domingo in Spanish-American Diplomacy, 1861-1865 by Clifford L. Egan 55

Dooley Receives Lincoln Diploma by Wayne C. Temple 67

Douglas H. Cooper, Confederate General by Larry L. West 69

Clara Barton After the War by Wayne C. Temple 77


VOLUME 71, NUMBER 3 (Fall 1969)

Freedom Demands Constant Practice by Wayne C. Temple 85

The Perspective of History by Louie B. Nunn 87

The Graves of Ann Rutledge and the Old Concord Burial Ground by Gary Erickson 90

L. B. Todd Writes to Lincoln by Wayde Chrismer 108

Lincoln on John Brown: A Forgery by Lucy Lucile Tasher 111

Faces Lincoln Knew (George Robert Rhodes) by Lloyd Ostendorf 113


VOLUME 71, NUMBER 4 (Winter 1969)

Weeping Lincoln by Gary L. Erickson 133

A Mutual Trust is Vital by William C. Westmoreland 135

Lincoln Seeks Patronage for Illinois Whigs: A New Letter by King V. Hostick 142

Lincoln's Arms and Dress in the Black Hawk War by Wayne C. Temple 145

British Press Reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation by Richard A. Heckman 150

Mr. Lincoln Goes to War by Patricia K. Ourada 154